Pensions Auto Enrolment

The arrangements for pensions introduced by the Government. These new pension regulations have a big impact on people employing their own personal assistants.

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By now, everyone will be saving towards their old age through a pension scheme provided by their employer. This means that if you employ a Personal Assistant, you have a legal duty to automatically enrol them into a workplace pension scheme if

  • they are aged 22 years and over, and
  • their average earnings are more than £192 per week.

You will need to take steps to make sure you comply with the new regulations but don’t worry as part of the payroll service we offer, Your Payroll will also help you comply with your legal duties around the new pensions auto-enrolment regulations.


Your Payroll will:

  • Act as your point of contact with the Pensions Regulator for auto-enrolment
  • Provide letters and information for your employees about auto-enrolment
  • Set up a pensions scheme on your behalf
  • Process deductions from your employees as well as your employer contributions
  • Manage the payments to the pension provider
  • Help you keep on top of your ongoing responsibilities